A Very Unlikely Hero Saves Chicken From Hawk Attack

Animal rescue videos are among the most entertaining to watch. It is fun to watch how some animals put themselves at risk to rescue some other animal in distress. This also shows that animals are capable of making friendships and that values like loyalty are followed by them. It doesn’t matter if the animal is big or small, they will put themselves in harm’s way to save their friend.

Animals have a sense of loyalty. This value was only known in dogs mostly. Dogs are among the most loyal creatures and they will give their life for the owners if necessary. There was one particular case in Argentina that sparked attention. It was a special breed of dog developed there, the “dogo”.

This is a dog that is used mostly for hunting. They take the dogs in groups of three and they can hunt down anything from a wild boar to something bigger. One day, this dog was walking with his owners. There were 2 small girls and their pal, Morocho. Morocho is a very loving friend for the girls. He has always been seen as a member of the family. He would later prove why.

While they were walking in the countryside they ran across a cougar. The girls had been warned about these animals in the wild. When they saw him they started to head back home. For the cougar, they were just prey. The cougar started to chase them and that’s when Morocho stepped in.

The girls ran back home and Morocho stayed fighting the cougar. When the girls got home they told their parents. Their parents organized a team to go and hunt the cougar down and to maybe recover Morocho’s body. The was probably dead already. To their surprise, they find Morocho, with a lot of scratches on his face. The cougar was nowhere to be found. They go to where the girls had told them the cougar had come out and they found him. The cougar was dead. He was killed by Morocho. He was now a hero.

A modern hero came in the form, not of a dog. Surveillance cameras capture how a chicken was walking around in a yard when suddenly a hawk flies down to catch her. Chickens are among the hawk’s favorite prey. They are no match for the hawk and do not pose any threat to them. Once a hawk catches a chicken it is usually game over. In this case, a very unlikely hero comes out and saves the day!