An Unlikely Hero Saves This Surprised Chicken From A Terrifying Hawk Attack

Children’s books, like Charlotte’s Web or The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, often push us to imagine a world in which animals are the best of friends with one another. There’s just something adorable about picturing them helping and supporting each other however they can as they go about their journeys. In real life, we sometimes see unexpected friendships form between different animals, making our hearts melt as we discover the comfort these creatures can bring one another. Still, friends or not, one animal made a pretty bold move to save this family chicken from a hawk attack.

As seen on the perfectly-placed security camera, as this chicken was wandering her farm one afternoon, a very hungry hawk violently swept in and tried to attack her! With the hen just seconds away from becoming the angry bird’s dinner, an unlikely hero stepped in to save the day, and it was all caught on tape. The footage is pretty intense, making you wonder if the chicken really does have hope left after all!

So much for an average day on the farm! A relaxing stroll almost turned disastrous for this terrified hen. Just when you think it’s too late, our mighty hero enters stage right. Thankfully, the hen only lost a few feathers in the attack. Without the help of her friend, things could have turned out much worse – this hen could have become a chicken dinner. I bet these two are even closer after this encounter. Someone should write a book about this friendship!

You have to see this unbelievable footage. You won’t believe who the chicken’s selfless and courageous hero turned out to be! Is it really possible that he could deter the hawk from capturing his friend? See for yourself, then share this amazing story with your friends and share your thoughts below!

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