Where Does This Unusual Blond Racoon Show Up?

Nature is amazing. There are so many different varieties of the same species. Just look at dogs. I can’t even keep track of how many breeds of them there are. I once looked at a book of dog breeds and it was overwhelming. But it’s so cool to look at them. Well, this video found that the same goes for raccoons. They aren’t all grey and black-striped with those black eyes. No, some are blond… and they don’t have more fun.

Someone who lives in Seaforth, Nova Scotia, found this animal outside their home. Animal control officers were puzzled about what it was at first, since it had blond hair and brown eyes and a brown nose. They were able to figure out that it was a blond racoon – it wasn’t a true albino since it doesn’t have a pink nose and pink eyes.

The people at animal control had it in a box that replicates the den it would live in if it were in the wild. They were waiting for the weather to get better before relocating. That day was about a month out. Until then, the racoon was going to be their guest. The animal control officer did say that if you have wildlife living near your house, play really loud music with a lot of bass. That would scare them away. Well, I do that anyways, so that’s probably why I haven’t seen any raccoons in my area.

There was one thing I noticed – the animal control officer opened the top of the box that was replicating the den. Both her and the reporter looked right at her… and she didn’t flinch or try to hide. Perhaps she has become inured to human contact. That might present a problem if they relocate her. Hopefully, she can regain her wild instincts. Otherwise, life could become tough to near-impossible. Let’s think good thoughts.

What an incredible looking animal. All that blond hair and no peroxide used! What is the oddest animal you have ever seen? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook!

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