Unusual Pet Greets Owner In A Very Dog-Like Way

Pets are pets and when you treat them well and give them love and affection, they will return that in kind. That means, give them love, and they will give you love back. It really is so adorable to see pets interacting with their owners.

What makes this video really special though, is the type of creature the human parent has. No, it’s not a dog, but one that surprisingly behaves very dog-like. We’ve all seen many dogs and cat videos, so I felt this video was like a breath of fresh air.

Meet Buddy, the Cayman brac Iguana who clearly adores his human. In the video we see the owner returning home after work and as he goes to wash his hands, he calls out to Buddy. Buddy looks like he’s relaxing in the sun, but after a few more calls, he rushes to his owner like an excited puppy.

This seems very similar to how a dog would behave and I was absolutely amazed at how this unusual pet became such an adorable pal to his owner! According to the owner, many people are sceptical at how tame Buddy really is, but it’s clear from the video that this lizard is home trained and it’s ridiculous at how tame and friendly Buddy is!

Not only is he super cute, but he’s got personality to match! Would you love to have a pet like Buddy? What did you think of the video? Write in and let us know in the comments section below!

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