Unweaned Kittens Abandoned In Unusual Spot. You’ll Never Guess Where They Were Found!

Mothers are very protective of their young and when it comes to giving birth and keeping the little ones safe, this mama cat sure found a very unusual spot. Nav, who works at SMART, a Los Angeles rescue group, had a busy day on 12th September, the day he got called in to search for the cats. After spending the morning in a flea infested apartment complex in search for a trapped sick cat, he found this case relatively easy.

The lady who called the case in pointed him out to a ten foot tall tree outside her home where faint mewling sounds could be heard. However, the tree’s branches were extremely dense and it was not possible to see the interior clearly. He decided to get a ladder to have a better look. When he propped up the ladder and took a peek, he was surprised to see what lay in store!

There were two kittens visible all curled up into little fur balls in the middle of a nest built in the center of the dense tree. Fortunately, the tree was not very high and a 6 foot ladder proved sufficient for the job. They were protected by the foliage and it was so dense that the sunlight couldn’t reach the interior where the nest lay.

They were so small, their eyes were barely open. In fact, they looked like baby birds in a nest… until Nav got a closer look. It seemed that the mother had not been seen for two days and because the kittens were so small, they needed proper care and attention. Reaching out, he carefully picked them up and rescued them from their tight hiding spot. Placing them in a carrier, they were soon found a foster home where they were taken care of. They had to be bottle fed and given care 24/7 but they are safe now and are in good hands.

I was awed when I watched this video, simply because they were so small, yet so well hidden. I’m sure it sounded weird and a bit scary to hear mewling sounds from a tree for a couple of days with no visible creature. What did you think of this video? We would love to hear from you! Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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