She Unwraps Her Favourite Candies, But What She Does With Them Is Totally Amazing

During the holiday season, we often eat foods we don’t eat often throughout the year, or use certain foods for different recipes we only make during the holidays, and candy is one of them. Specifically, peppermint star candies. You might have them in your office and eat one once in a while, but did you know there are some pretty creative ways to use these during the holidays?

Sometimes we are left with many of these peppermint candies, but aren’t sure what we should do with them. Even when we think of getting creative with them, we end up messing up everything. But now this will no longer happen to you after you watch this video. From now on you will be able to use your extra candies in a brilliant way.

In this video, Cheri Alberts has shown a unique and brilliant way to drink your favourite holiday cocktails in candy cups. You can prepare these candy cups with the left over peppermint candies and candy canes you have during the holiday season. Just arrange them on a cookie sheet as instructed, melt them in the oven, and form them over shot glasses to create an edible shot glass for your favourite liquors. She uses and Irish cream and coffee shot in the video, and the peppermint cups as a burst of minty flavour to the shot, which I must admit, is one of my favourite flavours to add to coffee liquor. She makes it looks so easy, and even shows you her mistakes so that you don’t make any.

Watch this video and let us know what you think about this video. We would love to have your opinions!


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