US Navy Band Has The Audience In Stitches – I Haven’t Laughed So Much For Ages!

Navy BandFormed in 1916, the United States Navy Band is known as one of the most distinguished musical groups in the American armed forces.

So, when some of the vocalists of the band got together and performed a jolly take on the festive season, their amusing holiday song was captured on this video clip.

Navy Band ChristmasThe five singers are grouped in a stage setting adorned snow and  blooming poinsettias, all in the red, white and green Christmas colors. The men are gaily attired in festive season sweaters.

The group starts their performance with the peaceful harmonies from a traditional Christmas tune before quickly leaping into the comical lyrics from Walter Chase’s, “The Christmas Can-Can.”  This proves to be a happy mash-up of lots of classic Christmas carols intertwined with a spoof on the commercial side of the festive season.

The Medley takes a hilarious poke at some of our behavior leading up to the holiday season. They lampoon the frenzied shopping and the early start that retailers foist on the public to encourage that shopping.

The performance is made even more entertaining with the singers bobbing in time to the tune, kicking up their legs and twirling awkwardly as the pace of the song becomes more frenzied.

Judging from the audience’s response, the Navy Band’s merry antics really entertained. Kick off some lively holiday spirit for yourself, by watching this light-hearted video clip.

Completely brilliant — haven’t laughed so much for ages!

US Navy Band Has The Audience In Stitches - I Haven\'t Laughed So Much For Ages!