They Used Her For Dog Fighting & Left Her For Dead… When THIS Happened? I Can’t Stop My Tears!

We have all come across many beautiful rescue stories on the internet. This video features one of those rescues carried out by World Animal Awareness Society. The beautiful dog in the video is named Moma. She was born into a life of dog fighting due to a criminal breeder in Houston, Texas. Rescuers from Operation Houston tracked her down and brought her to safety along with a couple of other dogs.

When they found her, the poor dog was in a very miserable and bad state. She was born to die an agonizing death, but thankfully due to the intervention of these wonderful rescuers, she got a second chance at life. This girl is definitely a survivor and I am sure those sad eyes are full of joy and love now! We can only hope other suffering animals get a chance like she got.

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