When A Vancouver Mom Left Her Kids In A Hot Car, A Police Officer Gives Her An Epic Lecture

Leaving children in a car on a hot day is never, ever a good idea. A vehicle is in effect a solarium and it can get very hot in there, very fast. In just a few minutes, the temperature can hit 125 degrees, even if the windows are open a crack. Children are particularly vulnerable; because of their small size, they overheat much faster than adults.

In defiance of common sense, a Vancouver woman left her two children in the family Lexus with the windows rolled up even though it was a hot July day. She was inside shopping for only 20 minutes, but the kids were already in distress well before she came back. Fortunately not one, but several good samaritans called for help and first responders were on the scene very quickly.

Incredibly, when this mom got back to the car and was confronted by a police officer, she didn’t seem to think anything was amiss! This earned her a tirade from the enraged officer. “You don’t seem to understand the danger you put your children in. The windows were up. It’s hot out. Your children could have died.” He subsequently added, “You’ve have a fire truck, an ambulance, and two police cars here because you left your kids in there and you think it’s fine. And you wonder why I’m upset? What kind of a parent are you?”

The case has been handed over to the British Columbia’s Ministry of Children and Family Development. If this mom didn’t learn her lesson after hearing the police officer’s choice words, the Ministry may have to teach her one.

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