A ventriloquist gets mad during a show, but watch his puppet after he leaves

Ventriloquism, the miraculous act in which a person throws his voice to make it seen like its coming from the doll or puppet he is holding. This technique is performed with almost-closed lips. The only thing left is just a tiny separation that allows the persons to produce sounds without moving their mouth. This art was very popular in the past century, but has been fading as not many people believe it is still a form of good entertainment.

There have been tremendous ventriloquism acts in show business before, but none of them as unique as Paul Zerdin’s performance. Who is this mysterious fellow? During season number 10 of America’s Got Talent, Paul won the hearts of the fans and the judges with his outstanding act.

The British comedian always loved to perform in front of a live audience, when he was a teenager he did a magic trick at a talent show that totally changed his life. In an interview, Paul explained how this magical moment happened.

“I entered a school talent competition when I was 15, and most people did something like poetry or tap dancing, but I levitated my sister. I just blew them away, and from that moment on, I remember the next day in the dining hall when I was going to my lunch I could hear people saying, “That guy can do magic”.

Although magic tricks were always the main focus of Paul’s acts, he later decided to introduce puppets on his magic routines. In his own words: “I introduced the puppet character into my magic show and started doing magic with the puppets, and I eventually stopped doing magic and carried on with the puppets and the stand-up over the course of a few years.”

Afterwards, he spent a lot of time performing around the country and practicing all of his ventriloquism skills to build a reputation on his own, but it wasn’t until he entered America’s Got Talent show during the 10th season that his big break came true.

At the semi-finals of this famous television show, he entered the stage and performed an astonishing act with the puppet named Sam the dummy. The two of them started to argue and during a anger outburst, Paul left the doll along with the audience to see how well he could be managed for himself.

After a while and not knowing what to expect the audience was surprised when Sam began to move and talk on his own, gaining the cheers and the laughter of the people. With this amazing performance, Paul made it to the final and took home 1st place in the competition.

Click the video below and watch Paul and Sam in this magical performance. We are sure that it is going to make your day.