VERIFY: “Your old CorningWare could be worth $10K”

Wait until you see how much some of the stuff just sitting around cob-web-infested attics have fetched for some collectors.

You’ve heard the viral story before: “Do you have CorningWare or other junk gathering dust in a half-forgotten corner of your basement or attic? If so, they could be worth thousands of dollars…”

CorningWare dishes were something that was frequently given as a wedding gift in the 70s and 80s. And it’s true: Collectors are relentlessly searching for these valuable treasures. If you have a full set rather than a single porcelain piece, you could be holding a substantial sum, but $10,000?

Now, of course, I will be the first to say that the vintage “blue cornflower” CorningWare my mother gave me is priceless. The percolator sits in my kitchen as I remember it did in my mother’s kitchen back when we were young. Few of us would be willing to part with our precious memories for any amount of money.

However, collectors are looking for the truly rare CorningWare finds. Not all of them come with a $10,000.00 jackpot, but vintage CorningWare is still worth very good money if you’re willing to part with yours.