A Vet Crippled This Dog By Accident. What His Owner Did Next? I Can’t Stop Crying!

True love comes in various shapes and sizes. This clip features a beautiful story unlike any you have ever heard before. The dog featured here is a paraplegic pit bull called Loois who was abandoned from a pit bull fighting operation. He was adopted by a retired police officer named Craig Mosher in 2000. Unfortunately in 2004, Loois’s hind legs were paralyzed when his spinal column surgery went bad. But Craig wasn’t going to let something as trivial as paralysis separate him from his beloved pooch.

Craig never gave up on Loois and he took care of the dog like he did for his own children. But sadly, Loois passed away. He had to be put down after he suffered from degeneration of spinal disks. Mosher says that Loois was brave till the very end. Though he is heartbroken, Mosher says Loois will always be in his heart.

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