A vet finds a snake with a giant lump. I can’t believe what he took out of his body!

Have you seen animals in distress being saved? Some of them are because they had put themselves in very tight spots that they cannot get out of. Customary practice for people is to let the animals be. Aren’t we supposed to let nature take its course? Supposedly, but I also believe that nothing happens by chance. I personally think we are constantly put in positions where we need to decide.

Often, our decisions will end up affecting, either positively or negatively other people or animals. Personally, I will choose to rescue the animal 10 times out of 10. I had several instances where I ran across an animal in distress. The first time that happened, I was taking a walk with my wife. We had told ourselves that we needed to get back into shape and that walk was supposed to start the process for us.

We chose a trail that was new for us and got to the first intersection. There we saw an animal lying on the asphalt. The dog was not moving but when we got closer the dog started to cry in pain. She was a very thin dog, probably had not eaten in a while and had been run over by a car. We checked her for possible broken bones but could not find any.

She did have one of her legs badly injured. My wife and I forgot about the walk and took the dog to our home. We worked cleaning her injuries and gave her a bath. With the bath, we expected to find out if she had any fleas or ticks that needed to be removed. We did find some fleas and gave her another bath with an anti-flea shampoo.

We also fed her and had her rest for the remainder of the afternoon. By the following day, she was looking much better. We had her with us for about a week when we started looking for a loving home for her. I wanted to adopt her but having three other dogs and two cats, we simply did not have space. We quickly found a loving home and still see her occasionally.

That was a case with a happy ending, just like the one in the following video. In this video, we are not talking about a dog, but a snake. The vet was asked to examine the snake because he has swallowed something so big, he was having trouble breathing. The vet decides to give the snake a hand-massage and after a few minutes, he manages to massage out something you won’t believe!