Vet Ranch Rescues A Blind Pup From Euthanasia And Helps Him See Again

Dr. Matt, a veterinarian at Vet Ranch, has seen lots of poor animals in the clinic where he works. He takes in as many of the animals in his area as he can that were left abandoned and neglected by cruel and irresponsible masters. It doesn’t matter whether it is a little kitten or an old dog, he helps every creature.

The video below features a little pup, which had to be euthanized because of his poor condition. Fortunately, Dr. Matt decided to help this poor thing even though it was his day off. He brought the pooch into his clinic and after the examination he found out that in spite of the mange and malnutrition, the dog was suffering blindness likely due to toxicity.

The doctor called his new patient Rem and started the process of healing his body and soul. The pup was given a bath, treated for his skin condition, given good meals, and spent time socializing with the doctor’s own dogs in their backyard. Just a few weeks later the improvements were amazing!

Watch this video to see Rem on his way to a new life. What do you think about this vet? Isn’t he amazing? Let us know through your comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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