When This Vet Suffered A Stroke, He Got A Service Dog. Never Did He Expect THIS To Happen!

In search of a cute, little, female dog, Ruth Ann went to the animal shelter, but as you know plans don’t always come through exactly. Instead, she came home with an 80-pound male Husky/Shepherd mix that had gone through abuse and was rough around the edges. But the dog, Thunder, would go on to help disabled Vietnam veteran Larry after he experienced a bout of strokes. Watch the heart-warming story in this video.

Because of Agent Orange in Vietnam, Larry is 100% disabled. He experiences speech problems and is blind in his right eye. After doctors suggested Larry get a service dog following a series of strokes, the couple decided to retrain their dog Thunder to be a service animal. As it turned out, Thunder was a natural partner for Larry and knew instinctively to stay by his right side, for example.

Throughout the 8-minute video, we learn a lot about Thunder as told by Larry. Although the dog is 12-years old, has arthritis in his back legs, and is terrified of loud noises, he makes an amazing service dog for the veteran. Although he is Ruth Ann’s pet, he knows that when he’s wearing the red service vest, he has a different role to play and is eager to help the veteran.

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