Vet Works Through Rough Feelings in Program. His Tender Message to His Beautiful Daughter, Heart-Wrenching!

Serving your country is never easy. With time, it gets harder and harder. To be separated from loved ones and friends. From what I’ve heard from friends who serve, acclimating back into society is hard, but the military has introduced programs to help. For a variety of common reintegration solutions as well as expressing how you feel or rekindling a relationship or role you once held. It’s very complicated and can take years to get back into the swing of everyday civilian life.

This loving vet lost a connection that once filled him with such pride. The role of Dad to his beautiful daughter Emily. During the time, he’s served, he spent months and YEARS away from home, away from his family and away from his precious daughter. Upon returning he realized how much time had really passed. Emily was about to leave for college and he realized how disconnected he still felt from her and the need to create or renew their relationship.

Thanks to the help of Creativets, an organization that uses all forms of art to help heal, Tommy Houston wrote a song for his daughter. To really encapsulate how he’s felt serving and coming back to his heavily missed daughter. He misses the relationship they used to have and couldn’t bear it if she didn’t at least know how he felt.

As the song plays, he hands her a few pictures which helped influence his song. The first is of Tommy when he was younger, holding the five or so year old close as she makes a silly expression. The song was inspired by the little yellow balloon she had in her hand and couldn’t let go of. With the help of Creativet songwriters, he hit the nail pretty well on the head. Learning to reacclimate oneself has led many soldiers astray, but with luck, Houston will remain close to Emily for quite some time.

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