Veteran Gets To Meet His Dogs After A LONG Time. When You See Their Reunion? Heartrending!

Joshua is a war veteran who was having a hard time adjusting to civilian life after he came back from Afghanistan. He felt isolated, but his dogs Panda and Mama soon came into his life. They were always there for him and they made him feel better. But then Joshua had to move from Louisiana to California for a fresh start.

He left his dogs behind, though he never stopped thinking about them. That’s when Mariah and Tia volunteered to bring the dogs to him in Los Angeles. The video below shows their reunion after several months. You will probably end up crying when you see how these dogs react to their seeing owner for the first time in months! Joshua’s reaction is equally heartrending!

Tia brings the dogs to a park to meet Joshua, and when he steps out of the car, both dogs know immediately who he is. He says that every day he doesn’t have a dog to walk is a wrong day. The two dogs are so excited to see him and his reaction is calm, but thrilled to be back together with his dogs.

As these three reunite, Tia is in tears. She doesn’t even know Joshua, but she is happy that this trio is back together. He talks about his return from Afghanistan and how the two dogs helped him to recover.

Now that the dogs are back with their beloved owner, they are eating once again and relaxed. This reunion was good for everyone involved.

Watch this touching reunion below! Did this move your heart? Be sure to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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