Veteran-Owned Coffee Company Creates Tear-Jerking Advertisement for Memorial Day

Every year, millions of American’s celebrate Memorial Day by spending time with loved ones, heading to the lake, or relaxing at a cabin for the weekend. A coffee company owned by veterans created a touching video based on what the holiday is all about.

Black Rifle Coffee company released a video called “Never Forgotten,” and it got people talking. It shows a variety of different people and families living life during the popular patriotic weekend. One thing becomes clear throughout the short video: not everyone has someone to celebrate the holiday with.

We get to see how fallen soldiers are missed, loved, and respected by their loved ones. It shows that though Memorial Day is often a fun holiday we spend outdoors, it should be acknowledged that the day is to honor those who are no longer here.

A voice-over towards the end of the short video states, “It’s not about today. It’s about them, the ones that gave their lives. For when a life fades, it’s up to use to make sure the legacy doesn’t. Never forgotten.” We couldn’t have said it better.