Veteran Realizes He’s Short Of Cash On Grocery Line. I Was So Moved By What Happened Next.

It’s a bleak feeling – standing in line at a grocery store and knowing that you might not be able to pay for everything there. People behind you may roll their eyes as you have to decide what to take off. The spirit of generosity seems to be fading. People seem to not be as quick to jump in and help one another. That might change when you see this video clip from the show “What Would You Do?”

This whole scenario is played out by two actors – the cashier and the veteran. He’s trying to buy food for his family and his credit card is declined. He’s got cash but he’s short and he says that he told his wife that he would bring everything home. It’s up to the people behind him to see if they have it in their hearts to help out this man who risked his life for his country. I didn’t expet the overwhelmingly positive response.

The generosity of all these people is amazing. People handed over cash to help cover the shortfall – one woman even negotiated for the cashier to pay fifty cents so that she could cover her groceries as well as the veteran’s. Another woman offered her own credit card to pay for the whole transaction. It seems like a lot of people in San Antonio appreciate the people who serve their country.

Of course, the show may have edited out a lot of people who may have shrugged their shoulders and just been like, “Sorry, bud.” Not to get on a soapbox, but even “reality TV” has been known to bend the truth to serve its agenda. I enjoy watching these shows and other feel-good ones, but how they go about it could be questionable. I still give all the people who helped the veteran kudos, though.

This is something that people should see, especially those who have been through tough times. What do you think? Did you enjoy the video? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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