Veteran Sees His Dogs After Years Of Service. She Didn’t Expect THIS Reaction!

We’ll show you a clip from a special episode shown on Animal Planet, where you’ll meet volunteers Tia and Mariah doing a very amazing act of kindness that is taking the internet by storm. You won’t believe it when you see it, it’s quite the shock!

The story goes a bit like this: Joshua, a war veteran who fought for the freedom of our country, was finding it really hard to cope with his past and to live a normal life after having done his service. You know that we have a very deep understanding of the sacrifice that they make, and Tia and Mariah certainly recognized it, as well. When Joshua had to move to California, he could not afford to take his dogs with him, and they were the only true friends that he had after the war. Being as kind as they are, they decided to help him out!

They decided to take the two dogs, Panda and Mama, by themselves on their own car, driving all the way to Los Angeles to take them with Joshua. When you see their amazing reunion, you’ll know for sure that their relationship is really special. It almost puts me in tears!

You can see this precious moment for yourself in the video right below.

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