This Veteran Struggling With PTSD Has The Best Friend In The World Who Knows Exactly What To Do

The bond between humans and dogs is truly incredible. We often think that we are the primary givers, providing all of the emotional affection and attention, but then one day we realize that they are just as capable of loving us and showing us just how much they care. Dogs have an incredible ability to be able to read and discern the emotions of a human being, and they somehow always know exactly what to do whenever their owner is in distress. This bond is far more than that of a dog and its owner. It is the bond of two friends who have come to know each other very well and are always there for one another whenever there is a need.

When soldiers come back from war, it is an unfortunate fact that many of them develop PTSD. This can be incredibly difficult for these soldiers, and it makes what was already a difficult time adjusting to civilian life into a seemingly impossible task. And, because many of the people in these soldiers’ lives have never experienced anything like what they are going through, it becomes increasingly difficult to open up and talk about it with other human beings. When this soldier returned, he was given a service dog to help him adjust and work through any issues he might have with PTSD. Together, this soldier and his dog developed and incredible bond that helped him work through his troubles in a way that he might never have been able to do on his own.

This video shows the tremendous bond formed between this veteran and his dog. What is truly incredible is to see what this loving dog does whenever this veteran begins to show any signs of stress.

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