This Veteran Had To Threaten Suicide Before He Got Help From The Department Of Veterans Affairs!

Nick saw this is a Marine veteran from a huge military family. Every generation of his family have served in the military, his grandfather served in World War II, his father in Vietnam, and his sister served in Desert Storm.

Nick and his best friend needed no encouragement to enlist. Like many that have gone to war before them, they thought they would see the world and serve their country; Nick thought that he would be relatively safe. Unfortunately war is more complicated than that, and this video shows the price that veterans pay when they fight for our freedom.

Nick’s friend, who enlisted with him, died when he stepped on an IED. Nick witnessed multiple suicides of his Marine brothers who had been pushed past they are breaking point. When Nick returned from the theatre of war he was plagued by the psychological scars that he had built up. This video shows at least some of his recovery.

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