Veteran And Wife Sleep In Freezing Cold, They Are Left In Tears When Some Kids Tell Them A House Is Theirs

They say a great country is one who recognizes their heroes. And we are a great country because our heroes have a very special place in. We honor them in many special ways not only by providing discounts but also by acknowledging that we enjoy the freedom we have, thanks to them. Our heroes who serve in the military make the greatest of sacrifices.

They sacrifice their time, some of them even their lives. Whenever our countries in distress they are on the front lines providing comfort and safety. Our country is a wonderful place thanks to our heroes who have risen to the challenge and proven greatness. From the soldier who goes back for a wounded man, to the captain who rescues a civilian.

Not all our heroes have happy endings. Some of them have a tough time making ends meet once they are here. Of course, we give them discounts, special prices and they have our love and admiration. Some of them have also to deal with several things when they come back.

At times, this includes financial straits. It is hard for them sometimes to even pay the rent. Such is the case of Eddie Browning and his wife. Eddie is a war veteran. He and his wife were living in a very small house. The house needed repairs urgently and they didn’t have the money to do it. They were sleeping in the freezing cold and they were in danger of getting very sick.

Some of the kids in the neighborhood had a school project. The school project consisted of building a tiny house. This tiny house was going to be built and then given away. Initially, they had some problems with the where to put the tiny house. Then they saw a tiny house festival would be coming to town very soon. They all agreed to give the tiny house to Eddie and his wife. The tiny house they built only fit a sleeping back inside, but at least they weren’t going to freeze to death.

This is where the organizers of the tiny house festival found out of the children’s plan and decided to chip in so they could help Eddie and his wife even more. The organizers decided to give them a tiny house. The house would Everything they needed including plumbing and electricity. It had a refrigerator, a sink, bathroom, and of course a place to sleep. Eddie and his wife were in tears when they found out that everything happened because of the kids. This shows us how compassionate a child can be. I bet we can all learn from them!