Veterans With PTSD Get Into A Horse Corral. I Was Amazed With What Happened Next.

Being on the front lines of war is hard enough. Having to come back home while suffering from Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder is even worse. These veterans, who left as happy, confident, strong people have returned as nearly polar opposites – fearful, mistrustful, and afraid. Getting help for them is tough. Many often refuse. But there is hope out there. There are organizations like the one we see in this video.

These veterans go to a place called Saratoga War Horse, an organization that helps both soldiers with PTSD and horses who have had to endure the rigors of things like racing. The former soldiers come with a lot of baggage, a lot of mistrust and sometimes truly wrecked lives. They get paired with these horses and it’s truly a transformational experience. The bonding is life-changing for both of them.

We see two veterans in this video – a man and a woman. They walk the horses around the corral and then they let go of the horse and turn around. The horse then often walks over to their partner and just rest their heads on their shoulders. This brings out a lot of emotion out of these suffering veterans and it’s very cathartic. The two of them become a duo. One of the vets commented that it showed that there was still a lot of good out there.

I’ve seen similar videos that have even had veterans interacting with wolves. Animals sense things in people and can offer a lot of ways to help them get past that. There should be a lot more of these types of places. The veterans won’t have to suffer in silence and can

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