Vets Asked Her To Euthanize This Paralyzed Kitten. But What She Did Is Absolutely Inspiring!

This is a painful and touching story about a rescue kitten who was paralyzed when one of his routine surgeries went wrong. He is called Oscar. For some unexplained reason, Oscar’s brain was deprived of oxygen during his surgery. This led him to experience some bad neurological damage.

After the incident, the poor kitten could hardly lift his head up or even swallow for that matter. His rescuer wasted no time and took him to an emergency vet clinic that very same night. The next say she took him to a neurologist who advised her to euthanize poor Oscar.

But she didn’t give up on him! She called to Kitten Rescue for help and they changed everything! Since then, Oscar has made some progress, but the helpers are still devoted to provide him with the best of care. He now wears a harness outside in case they need to put a leash on him because Oscar is walking again! Slowly, and a bit unsteady, but he’s walking!

They believe Oscar will make a full recovery, but he has a long way to go. But he’s proof that his owner did the right thing by not having him euthanized. He’s still a spirited cat with lots of love to give. He has physical therapy every day, but it’s not only his body that is recovering. So is his spirit.

Watch the video below to view Oscar’s recovery. Let us know how you felt watching this this tough little guy in the comments!

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