Vexed Bulldog “telling off” Grandma couldn’t be more hilarious

Adorable Bulldog and Grandma

Our four-legged friends make for the best roommates, but even close roommates sometimes enjoy getting on each other’s nerves. After all, trying to get a rise out of someone can be entertaining (as long as it’s all in good fun!).

Adorable Bulldog and Grandma

That’s exactly what’s happening in this video, which features a lady named “Nan” and Delboy, the English Bulldog! The video begins with Nan sitting in a chair and Delboy sitting on the floor.

He’s having a good time, staring out the window into his yard, when Nan decides to mess with him. She subtly leans over and blows on the back of his head.

Adorable Bulldog

When Delboy feels the wind, he turns around to see what’s happening. Nan tries to be sly, looking up and acting like she hasn’t done anything. Delboy doesn’t seem very convinced, but nonetheless, he turns his attention back to the yard.

Nan leans forward, eager to press her luck by blowing on Delboy again. Delboy turns around, and Nan again pretends to not be doing anything. She hasn’t managed to fool him, though.

Adorable Bulldog

Delboy looks at her for a second, seemingly annoyed by the audacity of this woman. After a few moments of staring and consideration, he’s on the move. Uh-oh, Nan, it seems like Delboy has had it with you!

He trots around Nan, jumping up in her chair to give her a piece of his mind as the video ends. We’re sure he wasn’t that annoyed, and they probably made up in the end. Still, maybe Nan learned her lesson? Don’t mess with the adorable Delboy!


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