This video of babies laughing in their sleep will certainly make your day!

What’s your favorite video category? Do you like cat videos? Dog videos? How about fail videos? Each one has their own favorite. Fortunately, the Internet is teeming with all sorts of videos that will surely keep you entertained. I was looking the other day at some old videos that I had liked before and decided to do a compilation.

The first compilation I did was on cat videos. You may not be a cat owner yourself, but I am sure you appreciate their funny videos. I decided to make one of the pet cats being disguised. It started as a project for Halloween. People started dressing up their cats as pirates, scarecrows, police officers, superheroes and everything in between. The craze got so big, that people started organizing costume contests.

This gave a chance to all cat lovers to gather and talk about everything related to cats. The cats and costumes were looking great, and they were done excellently. People kept on dressing up their pets and making funny videos. For some people, it became a form of expression and some cats became so famous, that they started their very own Facebook pages.

Besides cat videos, I also enjoy watching dog videos. Dogs are a lot closer to humans because they are more social than cats. Dog love the attention, people petting them all the time, the doggie treats, you name it! I have seen dancing dog videos, dogs laughing and even dogs talking. That’s right! There’s this video of a guy with his Husky that will make you believe it is all a prank.

The guy starts talking to his dog when suddenly, the dog answers back. I swear it’s the most audible ‘dog voice’ I have ever heard. Even though I love funny animal videos, nothing does it better for me than baby videos. There many things to love about babies. They are always happy (or at least most of the time), and enjoy exploring what’s out there.

The next video compilation is no exception. It features a delightful collection of baby moments, but with a twist. There’s nothing more contagious than a baby’s laughter, and there’s nothing cuter than babies sleeping. So, how about babies laughing while sleeping? This video will not only make you smile today, but it will keep a grin on your face for days to come. Get ready for your daily dose of cuteness!