Bathroom Hand Dryers Spread Germs So Rapidly, Scientists Say They Should Be Banned

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“Bathroom hand dryers are hothouses for germs, spreading bacteria 5 times faster, and scientists say they should be banned”

Hand dryers were invented in 1921 by R.B. Hibbard, D.J. Watrous, and J.G. Bassett of Airdry Corporation. They were initially utilized as a free-standing devices in restrooms, barber shops, and factories. They did not become mainstream until 1993 when Mitsubishi developed a more convenient and better quality version.

The utilization of the electric hand dryer reduces the amount of litter which makes it more acceptable for environmentalists. Hand paper towels, for the most part, are not recyclable, are costly, and require daily, sometimes hourly maintenance.

Although environmentally sound and cost-effective, hand air dryers come with some significant concerns. Recent studies have shown that these devices are putting off five times more germs than with conventional paper towels.

The problems arise when a person does not wash their hands properly (which is the case with most) and then utilizes the dryer. Germs from that person are then spread throughout surface areas as well as into the air. This almost ensures that anyone in that restroom at the time leaves with germs on their body which can cause illness.

Take this scenario into a hospital full of people with deficiencies in their immune system and this practice could dramatically impair an already ill patient. In almost every study conducted, hand dryers are producing more harmful bacteria than the traditional use of paper products.

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Of course, the number of bacteria can be reduced if people would wash their hands keeping the proper guidelines in mind. It is recommended that people wash their hands for 30 seconds with warm water and soap. It is also said that getting under the nails and in between the fingers is crucial to getting rid of germs.

After soaping up with a good lather, it is just as essential to make sure you have rinsed your hands thoroughly to get rid of the bacteria filled soap. Of course, this is not going to extinguish all foreign entities that could make you sick, but this practice is the best at protecting people.

Ironically even after air drying, it is recommended that a person utilize a paper towel to open the door instead of placing clean hands on the handle. Many scientists are continuing to research this topic, but currently, the positions are that they would like to see the paper towels utilized more often than not.”

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Bathroom Hand Dryers Spread Germs So Rapidly, Scientists Say They Should Be Banned