Watch As Diver Finds $10K Rings Underwater and Returns To Owner, His Reaction Is PRICELESS

Diver and MoneyIn this video, YouTube star Jake Koehler demonstrates all the fun you can have with underwater metal detecting when you take a dive with him and his buddies.

Jake, who is from Alabama, has over 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube. He calls himself a scuba diver and treasure hunter. He is also active on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media. His YouTube channel is the most massive scuba/treasure themed one in the world.

When the video starts, Jake and his friends Tristan and Brandon sit on the beach in Hawaii, in Waikiki. The beach is clean, with no huge crowds, and the three men are pleased and excited to go treasure hunting. Jake explains they will be exploring the beach’s shoreline today.

Jake also shows off his waterproof metal detector, saying it is waterproof up to 300 feet. One thing that especially excites him is finding jewelry. Jake says he could find a gold or diamond ring in the water. This is good to know for what happens later in the video.

Underwater Metal DetectorThe shots of the beach alone would be worth the price of admission for this video. But Jake enters the water, in his scuba gear but without the metal detector. The water is so clear; the viewer feels they can see to the end of the ocean. There are shots of all the rocks and coral at the bottom of the shallow sea.

Jake takes the time to explain his gear and educate the audience. The large metal detector, the one he had in a previous scene, can discriminate between different types of metals. Since this metal detector is not very precise, Jake uses a second one called a pinpointer. The pinpointer narrows down the exact location of a find.

The boys also thought they would play a prank on their friend, Brandon. Jake and Tristan have bought a piece of costume jewelry, a ring from WalMart. It looks like the real thing, especially if you are looking at it underwater. Jake and Tristan can barely contain their joy as they describe leading Brandon to believe he has found his first valuable ring.

Once in the water, Jake swims through schools of multicolored fish, which are just as fun to watch as the actual treasure hunt. He finds a fair coin, then a gold ring with a diamond, then another coin. Each find goes into a mesh bag; Jake keeps tied to the detector.

The gold ring is a class ring. Always the Good Samaritan, Jake tracks down the owner from the name on the ring and returns it. Jake also finds a white gold ring, a narrow band. With each find, the pinpointer detector glows and buzzes when placed directly above a spot where the treasure lies buried. It seems it would be tremendously difficult to find smaller treasures without the pinpointer.

Sure enough, later on, Brandon “finds” the WalMart ring. Jake and Tristan let him carry on for a bit, stifling their laughter as Brandon talks about all the things he can purchase with such a valuable ring. But these are good-natured friends, and they do not let Brandon go on for too long before they tell him about the prank. He takes it well.

Some of the highlights of this video, and all Jake’s videos, are seeing how excited he gets about the day’s activities, learning about the equipment he uses, watching the happy reactions when Jake returns jewelry to its owners (he always does when possible), and of course viewing the interactions of several good friends who share a passion for scuba diving and treasure hunting.

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Watch As Diver Finds $10K Rings Underwater and Returns To Owner, His Reaction Is PRICELESS