This Video of A Dog Waiting For Her Boy At The School Bus Stop Will Make Your Day

When people leave their dog for the day, they often sit there and stare at the door until their owner comes home. That’s not say that all do – some go off and curl up in a corner and sleep all day until they hear the key in the door. Then there’s what Nala, a pit bull, does when her mommy’s son comes home from school…

The video starts with Nala staring intently at the street from her porch. She knows something’s coming and there are no distractions. Then it comes – a school bus. The doors open and a tween boy gets out. Nala’s off and running to greet him. Soon she’s lavishing him with licks and he’s rubbing her head. The sheer joy is palpable. There’s nothing like coming home to a happy dog greeting you. Sure, some cats may be affectionate when you get back, but their enthusiasm meter would be at like a ‘2’ while Nala would be at “11.”

What I like about this is that it dings that stereotype that pit bulls are mean. No, they are not naturally mean – they only act that way if someone raises them to be that way. If treated well, they are VERY friendly. The dog that was on the “Little Rascals” TV show was a pit bull. Nala clearly loves this boy and he loves her back. That’s the way that it should be. We need to see more videos that show the friendship between pit bulls and other people.

Another thing that is as it should be is that Nala’s part of a routine. She knows that she’s going to see the kid at a certain time. Structure’s good. Though it would be interesting to see what happens on weekends. “Stop! I have no school! I wanna sleep!” The boy is lucky too – he gets to grow up with a sweet dog like this. That’s the stuff that good childhoods are built upon. He should cherish that and seems to be doing just that.

I’m always a sucker for a story with a happy pit bull. How about you? Leave us a comment below!

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