Video evidence: two beagles will keep each other company when I’m out, right?

When their human parents leave the house, pets miss them and can get a little bit anxious. That’s perfectly normal, but for some animals, it turns into full-blown “separation anxiety.” Dogs that develop this condition commonly do things like bark excessively, whine, pace obsessively, damage furniture, make escape attempts, or drool lavishly. If a dog does come down with separation anxiety, this isn’t simple boredom or poor training. It’s a deeply ingrained emotional response from an animal overwhelmed by panic and dread.

When the pet parent who made the video that’s posted below decided to get a dog, she opted for a beagle. It was an excellent choice. It’s no accident beagles are so popular and well-loved: these gentle, friendly and “merry” dogs are perfect family pets. In fact, she figured that the only thing better than one beagle would be two! After all, they could keep each other company whenever she was out of the house. If she only got one, there would be a high risk of separation anxiety issues.

Out of curiosity, she set up a video camera to record her dogs’ daytime activities. What she was hoping to see was evidence that her two beagles were playing, having a good time, and providing moral support for each other. Instead, it was a very different story. Mere seconds after she stepped out the door, the beagles rushed over and looked out the window. After some howling (a beagle specialty), they settled down next to each other and stared out the window, anxiously wondering when mom would be home.

It was back to the old drawing board for this beagle mom. We don’t know if she ended up working from home and doing all her shopping online or tried getting a third beagle. Or a fourth.

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