Video is going viral of an orangutan’s reaction to a burn victim at the zoo

We have a lot more in common with many primates that many people would like to believe. DNA is present in all life forms, even fruits and vegetables share some sort of similarity with humans. Primates have evolved and have acquired several skills throughout these years. It has been proven that they can solve simple problems using complex thinking processes. Their use of tools and way of thinking are shockingly similar to ours.

A long time ago, many scientists tested several primates to see how much they could be taught. The results were very favorable. The primates showed high-learning capabilities while also showing other human-like features, such as the desire to play games and socialization skills.

A typical family was just about to find this out. Miller and Costello have arrived near the orangutan area. They start to get to know the whole area and are just looking around. Miller approaches the glass to see the animals up close. As soon as she does, Rocky the orangutan comes up to her. Miller is a burn survivor and several of her scars can be seen from inside the orangutan’s cage. Rocky does the cutest and most unexpected thing, he points at her scars with his arm.

No one expected this. This is clear indication that he is interested in seeing the scars. Miller gets the scars closer to the glass separating the orangutan from the visitors. The signals that the orangutan makes are a clear indication that he is trying to figure out what had happened. Rocky stares at the scars and gets a very peculiar expression on his face.

It is as if he is thinking and analyzing. Although the burns Miller suffered in 2015 were serious and started healing, they are still noticeable. Miller’s boyfriend acknowledges the orangutan’s intentions and tells her to show him the scars closer so Rocky can inspect them. This whole scenario seems a little too crazy for Miller’s boyfriend.

This whole experience was one of the best Miller has had. She described it by saying: “The orangutan was completely interested in my burn scars and recent surgery sights . . . I am a burn survivor from 2015, it has been up and down but this particular day made me feel really good about myself.” I could not believe it either, but after seeing this video, I am sure of the superior intelligence primates have compared to other animals. What do you think? What do you think Rocky was thinking as he stared at Miller’s scars?