‘Good Ol’ Country Harmony’ Can Always Make You Feel Better, No Matter What

Home Free“My 4-year-old grandson asked me what I was watching so I put the headphones on him and restarted it. His eyes popped wide open & his jaw dropped. He didn’t even blink until the song was over when he asked, “Grandma, what was that? That was so pretty!” He’s officially a fan now.”

This is by far one of my favorite products of Home Free and Tim Faust (the band’s bass) did an amazing job writing this heartfelt tune, evoking the spirit of small-town America where many of us were born and raised.

“’Good Ol’ Country Harmony’ was an idea that was bouncing around in my head for a while and we worked it out while working on our album,” shares Foust. “This was actually the first time I had a demo recorded, complete with instruments, and then translated to acappella. We’re thrilled with the results and love giving a nod to those iconic country vocal groups.”

For ardent country fans, ‘Good Ol’ Country Harmony’ really takes you back with a classic country feel despite the song’s relative youth. It hits the nail on the head, evoking both in word and song the feel of Alabama, and there’s a bit of old-school Statler Brothers vibe in there, too. The harmony and balance between all of their voices is truly amazing.

The song itself, in addition to the video, reflects a small town American spirit with rustic visuals, a nostalgic beat, and impressive southern harmonies.

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\'Good Ol\' Country Harmony\' Can Always Make You Feel Better, No Matter What