Nursing Home Nurse Dumbfounds ‘American Idol’ Judges During His Audition

Jacob MoranJacob Moran Channels Ariana Grande With “Into You”

It’s American Idol’s “Hollywood Week,” when contestants who received tickets after their auditions will compete to move forward.

With a voice that can soothe the soul and hands that can heal, 22-year-old Michigan resident Jacob Moran auditioned for his place on American Idol before judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

Jacob current works in a nursing home, but during his last semester of nursing school, he was contacted by American Idol producers. They discovered clips of the singing nurse on Instagram, and that’s when things got interesting. “From there we did like a Skype audition and then we went to Louisville, Kentucky, which is where I auditioned,” Jacob said.

Jacob Moran on Idol

Jacob performed an emotionally-charged rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Into You” that blew away the judges. “Have you ever seriously pursued this world? Have you ever played anywhere?” asked judge Katy Perry. “Not really. Small town Dansville karaoke at the Wooden Nickel,” replied Jacob. For the little town of Dansville, Michigan with only 565 people, this a big deal.

“You have an unbelievable voice, my friend,” Judge Bryan. Judge Lionel Richie found it hard to believe Jacob’s just been humming away at the nursing home and at local karaoke.  “We are just completely dumbfounded here because it is just gorgeous,” said Richie about Moran’s voice.

While the 22-year-old geriatric nurse has a fulfilling job that he loves, he’s been singing his whole life, but he says it’s just been a hobby, albeit one he finds very rewarding. Moran says he enjoys singing to the residents, “I do love caring for people. Music is so healing. Music is what I believe I was meant to do, it gives me a sense of purpose, and I really want to share that with people and help them in their time of need.”

“I really like what I do,” Jacob said. “I like helping people, and I like seeing them get better… My relationship with my residents is very close. A lot of them don’t have visitors who come see them on a regular basis so the people who work there are like family.” – Jacob

While Jacob insists that his musical talent is just “a hobby”, Katy Perry has some strong words for the American Idol contestant. “I just want to say, you’re the best voice we’ve heard in all of Kentucky,” Perry said adding, “Of course, you can always fall back on nursing, and you can always take care of people, but if you say yes we can help you transform into an idol.”

Things are about to change for the 23-year-old geriatric nurse. All three judges unanimously decided to send Jacob to Hollywood where his new journey now begins.  “Believe in yourself and you can do this,” Perry said before handing him a Golden Ticket.