Video of a blind dog trying his first “Pup Cup” couldn’t be sweeter

All dogs love enjoying a good doggy treat, although some of our four-legged friends may enjoy certain treats more than others. Still, nearly every dog seems to love whipped cream (AKA a puppichino!).

This video introduces us to Kobe, a lovable puppy who’s sure to make you fall in love at first sight. Unfortunately, Kobe is blind, but that doesn’t stop his owners from loving him with all of their hearts!

They decide that Kobe needs to try a puppichino since he’s never actually had one before! They ready their camera, bring Kobe over, and start to spray whipped cream into a Starbucks cup.

However, both the sound and the smells are new to Kobe. Understandably, he gets scared and runs away. No luck on the first attempt! However, Kobe’s parents aren’t discouraged. They know he’ll love it once he tries it, so they decide to give it another shot.

He’s placed in front of the cup again, but Kobe seems to know that the sound and smells are safe. This time, he waits patiently, sniffing curiously while they filled the cup with whipped cream.

Without hesitation, Kobe takes the initiative, diving right into the tasty treat. Naturally, he loves it and completely devours the entire snack in a matter of seconds. Judging by the happy look on his face (and the fact that he makes sure to lick the cup clean), we’re sure there are many more puppichinos in this adorable dog’s near future!


Kobe Kanaka’s first Puppuccino

♬ original sound – rockykanaka

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Video of a blind dog trying his first \