Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House Built With Recycled Materials

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“The Tiny House movement has been really taking off for many reasons: they are affordable to build, portable, customizable, and self-sustaining. A show based out of New Zealand called Living Big in a Tiny House finds some of the best, most unique tiny houses and showcases them. Some of them are really quite amazing. This episode features a tiny home that resembles something you would see in a fairy garden. Thankfully, the house is quite a bit bigger and a bit more functional.

A great way to lower the already-low cost of building a tiny house is to use reclaimed or salvaged materials. While it may lower the cost of materials, it unfortunately increases the amount of labor needed because those materials must be reconditioned and prepared for their new use. So, you have to keep this in mind if going that route.

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This beautiful tiny house has an equally tiny cost – less than $20,000. The home’s owner, Jesse, was able to accomplish this feat because the beautiful plot of land his house sits on is also where he works full-time building tiny homes for other people. One day during a slow period at work, Jesse decided to start making a tiny home for himself with what he had learned.

Jesse was able to salvage a bunch of old windows, which he then built his home around. The abundance of light keeps the interior feeling spacious and open. There is even a gorgeous stained-glass window on one side of the house – something that makes his tiny home even more unique.

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With exception of the framing, nearly everything else Jesse used to build his home was salvaged. One of the major sources of wood that he used was old fence slats. These fence palings were extremely versatile for Jesse. Both the interior and exterior cladding are made of these reclaimed pieces of wood, giving the home a warm, rustic feel. Even quite a bit of the cabinetry inside is constructed of these fence palings.

Inside, nearly every surface from wall to ceiling is made of reclaimed wood, giving the space a type of cabin vibe. The house is even equipped with a small wood-burning fireplace to keep the home warm in colder weather. The rustic, minimalistic decorations are perfect for a man’s living space.

How rewarding it must have been for Jesse to be able to use the skill and knowledge he gained while on the job to build his very own home that is completely unique and perfectly suits his needs. The entire home looks like something you would see in a storybook.”

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Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House Built With Recycled Materials