Nervous Teen Is The Last To Audition, Falls Apart On Stage In Tears Before Simon’s Judgment

Olivia GarciaOlivia Garcia Is The Last To Fight For a Chair

Everyone knows that judge Simon Cowell is the toughest critic, no matter what show he is on.  He unapologetically gives his thoughts and opinions to contestants, even if it may hurt their feelings. Yet, this is what makes him such a good judge.  He doesn’t give undeserved praise or compliments, so when he does give them, you know it’s genuine and the truth.

‘The X Factor UK’ 6 Chair Challenge limited Simon’s team to just six contestants.  He had to narrow down the talent to just six people.  Only one contestant remained before auditions close, and he had already chosen his final six.  In order for the last contestant to make the final six, they would have to be better than the current finalists.

Olivia GarciaThis is the pressure that sixteen-year-old Olivia Garcia was facing when she took the stage for her audition.  Olivia was clearly extremely nervous, and her voice was very shaky as she introduced herself.  Even though she knew she was the final contestant, she was determined to not go down without a fight. Olivia chose to sing “Changing” by Paloma Faith for her audition. 

Simon was his usual, skeptical self as Olivia started singing.  Her nerves were apparent in her shaking voice, but her voice quickly became stronger.  About halfway through, Olivia seemed to dig deep and belted out the song even stronger than before.  The audience began to cheer, and the judges were clearly impressed.  Simon knew he had a tough decision to make.

The audience gave the young singer a standing ovation, and she burst out into tears at the support.  The judges gave her rave reviews for her performance.  Judge Nicole Scherzinger was utterly convinced that Olivia deserved a seat in Simon’s final six.

When it came time for Simon to speak, he told her, “Right now, Olivia, you’re about to make my life very difficult because I have to give you a chair.  That was outstanding.”

The crowd went wild as Simon looked at his current top six, trying desperately to figure out who to cut and who to keep.  The current six girls seated on stage were terrified.  After much deliberation, Simon finally assigned Olivia Seat #3, and the remaining five girls sighed in relief.

What a nerve-wracking audition for Olivia Garcia, but her perseverance paid off.  Simon’s final six was just that now – final.

Nervous Teen Is The Last To Audition, Falls Apart On Stage In Tears Before Simon’s Judgment