This Video of a Restaurant Where The Fish Is Still Moving Might Just Make You a Vegetarian

How long ago did you visit a restaurant? I don’t go that often, but I do like to try all of them. Whenever someone tells me of a new one that just opened, I am quick to go and check it out. I eat pretty much anything. I am usually more of a beef guy but also enjoy some seafood every now and then.

Those of us who enjoy eating out don’t really need to receive reminders of where our food is coming from. We do not need to be reminded that our food used to be alive and walking or swimming. However, there are times that ‘fate’ if you will, gives us a quick tap on the shoulder and lets us know what the origin of our food is. Have you ever thought about it? You probably haven’t. We just like to sit at a restaurant table and order what we want. We don’t want to be thinking about the chance of our food still being alive.

The following clip is strange and very possibly a little bit disturbing for some viewers. I think the only thing we need to know at this point is that our food has been ‘properly’ prepared, including everything that comes with it. Before going any further, I do have to mention that the fish is already dead. It keeps moving because the salt used to prepare the fish activates muscle twitching. This causes involuntary spasms or movements that appear to show that the fish is still alive. Many people at this point would probably be considering changing their order to something calmer like a salad.

In the next video, a group of friends goes to a restaurant that someone at work recommends. They need to reserve a table beforehand, so they call at their lunch break. They give the person from the restaurant all the information and head for the restaurant as soon as they get off work. Once they get there, they really like how the place looks. It is very well decorated and themed. The waiter suggests a table closer to the kitchen area so they can see how their food is prepared.

They all agree to the change as they had never seen it before. They had only seen all those clips on YouTube that show food being prepared. The show is part of the culinary experience. Seeing the food go up in flames is enough to get their appetites going. Besides, they are already hungry.

Once they get to their table, they are very shocked at what they see. Surely, they had heard of stuff like this before but had never experienced it themselves. It turns out that their piece of fish is starting to move! See for yourself, but be prepared.