Video Shows 100 Years’ Worth Of Cars In Three Minutes. I Was Amazed At Their Evolution.

Cars have played a large part in this country’s fabric ever since they were invented a little over 100 years ago. They have gone from being utilitarian in their design to being statements about the personality of the people who own them. There’s a wide variety of cars now, ranging from smart cars that are a third of the size of other cars and monster SUV’s that can take up a good portion of the road. This video shows the most popular car from each decade.

It’s amazing how much the aesthetic has changed in only 100 years. We see each model drive up and sit there for a few seconds before driving off. There’s a side view, then we see the emblem, the hood, a rear view, and then the driver merrily waves and drives off to be followed by the next decade and the next model. If you’re not a car fanatic who has kept abreast of all the makes and models of all the cars, you might find yourself lost here.

The first cars were not glamorous at all. Their sole purpose was to get people to and from their destination and not have them worry about either public transportation or having to care for horses that pulled their buggies. They didn’t even have power steering, which meant the driver pretty much had to be very brawny to turn the car. That must have been a welcome change when it was invented in the 1950’s.

This is a very subjective list, and as the car makers became more plentiful, including from other countries, it must have become gradually more difficult to pick a particular model for that decade. Then again, one has to know, when beginning to piece together a video list like this, that they aren’t going to be able to please every single person. Also, it might encourage the viewer to do some more research on their own.

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