Video Shows Cats Performing Different “Jobs” Around Home. I Fell Over Laughing At No. 3.

It does seem like cats do a lot of things around the house aside from sleeping all day. YouTube user ShoKo came up with quite the impressive list of “jobs” that cats can do around the house. Cats were filmed around an apartment carrying out these jobs. I wish that these were real jobs that paid for the cats. It’s about high time they started paying for all their cat food, toys, and vet bills…

This is a really creative and well-put together video. I was chuckling the whole time at the “jobs’ that they came up with. Here are some of them: Gravity Checker, Bed Warmer, Fabric Furrier, Security Guard, Redecorator, and Letter Opener. The people who came up with this deserve commendations. I won’t list all of the “jobs” since I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you. Just be ready to laugh more than once.

I think my cats could fill the vast majority of these positions by themselves. As my cat gets older, he hasn’t really tried to fill the role of Ghost Chaser. There were times when he was younger, he would suddenly look up at something that only he could see and then run around. Sometimes he’d hug the corner of a wall. It was a trifle disconcerting when I’d be trying to work.

Chances are good that everyone who watches this can see their cat doing at least 10 or more of these things. It’s a cute way to see their little buddies in another light and give their idiosyncrasies a name of sorts. Though I would be pretty mad if I came home and saw my cat had eaten a bill. “Yeah. Hi. Can you mail me another bill? My cat ate it. Really. NO, REALLY. STOP LAUGHING!”

How many of these positions do you see your cats filling? Feel free to list them in the comments section below!

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