Video Shows Differing Lives Of Cat People and Non-Cat People. I Was Laughing So Hard At Everything.

There are two types of people in the world – Cat People and Non-Cat People. I was in the second camp for a long time. Thought they were aloof creatures who would scratch you at the drop of a hat. Then I met my wife, who had a great cat at the time, and I changed my mode of thinking. Two cats later, I look at people funny if they say anything bad about them. Still, this video has a fun time showing the different lives of the two camps.

We see two separate scenarios happening with the same single woman in each – With Cat and Without Cat. The Without Cat is able to wake up without a cat climbing on her, brush her teeth in an empty, cat-free sink, have bandage-free arms, have a social life instead of taking pictures of her cat and posting them on social media and got to sleep without cuddling with her cat. Well, the last one was sweet.

As a married man, I see some of these things with me. For example, I have some nice claw marks on my belly because one of my cats decided to jump in my lap when I was working and then climb up my chest like a ladder. Ow. Also, we do find bedsheets with little furry lumps under them from time to time. I don’t cuddle with my cat – I wind up with one of them either on my head, nestled between the crook of my leg or on my hip. Let’s just say I’m usually sore each morning SOMEWHERE.

While this video was cute, it was also more than a little stereotypical. My wife had a cat before she met me and she wasn’t doing anything like what the woman in the video was doing. I get that it’s all meant in humor, but these can be really hit-or-miss with their generalizations. Such is comedy. The comments on the YouTube page seemed to take if for its comedic intentions. So, I guess it is funny.

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