This video shows some great ways for couples to show love. I really like no. 12.

Love is hard. That’s all there is to it. Movies and books make it look all so easy, with the besotted couple fading off into what seems like forever bliss. There’s also social media, where everyone looks SO happy. I’m sure that even Cinderella and Snow White had arguments with their princes after the movies ended. “IF YOU LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT UP ONE. MORE. TIME. I SWEAR, I’LL GO BACK TO MY CRUEL STEPSISTERS” This video aims to help alleviate things like that by showing 21 things that show what love is.

The only thing that I noticed about these things is that the couple that is in the illustrations seem to be young and childless. It’s a little easier to focus on each other when you don’t have a little child come running into your room every three minutes. “MOMMY!” “DADDY!” Just kidding. Having kids doesn’t absolve you from trying to work at your relationship… though it is a very easy excuse.

A lot of the video is common sense stuff that men should know to do anyways… but don’t. There are a few where it seems like the writer and artist were reaching. “Um. 21 of these? What can we think of?” “Oh! Brushing their teeth together!” “What?” “It’s romantic! They can look into each other’s eyes while they brush.” “Um. OK. Go ahead. Draw that. I don’t have anything better, but I just wanna say that you’re weird.”

Still, it does drive home the fact that being in a relationship is work. Doing the little things is as important as the big stuff. If nothing’s done, the relationship can wither away like a plant that’s not watered… and there can be a certain point when nothing can be done to bring it back. That’s sad… and while some of these things can seem a little silly, your significant other will appreciate it.

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