Video Shows How To Make Pumpkin Caramel Cream Cheese Poke Cake. SO Simple And Delicious!

You don’t have to have pumpkin desserts around Halloween or Thanksgiving. They can be enjoyed year-round. There are plenty of delicious recipes out there and it looks like I found one here. I’m a terrible cook and I think I would have fun making this Pumpkin Caramel Cream Cheese Poke Cake. At least I probably wouldn’t have it look like the remnants of a volcano that erupted on itself…

This is simple to make. First, you pour a box of spice cup mix into a bowl. Top that with a cup of water, three eggs (cracked open and emptied, not whole), ½ cup of vegetable oil, and one cup of canned pumpkin puree. Use an electric mixer to mix all that up. Pour it into a rectangular pan and put that into a pre-heated oven at 350° for 35-45 minutes. After you take that out of the oven, that’s when the real fun begins.

Use the other end of a wooden spoon and poke holes in the cake. Take a ½ cup of caramel sauce and pour it on the cake, filling up the holes. Wait for that to cool down and while you’re doing that, get a bowl and put 8 ounces of cream cheese, a cup of powdered sugar, and two tablespoons of milk in it. Mix that, add one-and-a-half cups of whipped toppings, and then cover the cooled cake with that mix. The topper is a ¼ a cup of caramel sauce. Finally, cut it into squares and serve to everyone. Enjoy!

Recipes can be intimidating. It feels like only people who have spent eight years in culinary school can do these things. The video that accompanies this shows that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s so simple, isn’t it? None of the ingredients force me to go hunting in the depths of the woods during a full moon. The process is simple and straight forward. You don’t HAVE to have an electric beater, but it would make things a lot easier. The end result? Delicious.

Did this inspire you to try to make this? It made me want to run to the grocery store. Tell us some of your favorite recipes in the comments section!