This Video Sums Up Why Those Days Are Considered The Good Old Days!

If one decides to talk about the good old days, they mean a time in the past when they believe that life was better.

With all the rules and regulations that are governing how we have to live these days, it’s funny to look back and wonder how we survived growing up at all!

The reality is that being a kid in the good old days made us tough! We were taught to respect our elders, always use manners, and to take responsibility for our actions. The fact is that if we did not respect our elders or use our manners, our butts tended to be a little sore. Parents did not fool around back then.

There were no smart phones, no participation trophies, and we drank our water straight from the hose! It was a different time. We pine for a simpler time when life did not seem so complicated. That was a time when money went a long way to pay for the needs of an entire family and those families made things work without going deep into debt. Sometimes the woman of the family would not have to work. Instead, she would spend her days at home taking care of the kids and the house.

In the following clip, you’ll see a perfect summary of what made the days that we leave behind the good old days. So check it out. Don’t be afraid to share the video with all of your friends who didn’t just survive their childhoods, but thrived!

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