She Retired Into a Tiny House With Her Dog (and a Hot Tub) for Her Senior Years

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The Newest Demographic Group to Purchase “Tiny Houses” Are Seniors

As a senior, life brings you a whole new set of conflicting decisions to be made. For instance, seniors typically decide to downsize from the home that they purchased while raising their children. Until recently, the trend generally has been to go into independent or assisted living residences that can accommodate an older adult. Times are changing, however.

With the invention of “tiny homes,” seniors who want to maintain some independence, now have a new option available to them when they decide it is time to downsize. “Tiny Homes” began with minimalists in mind, but that has now expanded to include the golden-agers.

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Although designed for a residence, some seniors have even started businesses inside their new homes, but the main reason tiny homes are being sought after by seniors is so that they can downsize their belongings. They have the desire to eliminate the family from having to make the decisions on what items they should keep when moving to the next stage of their lives.

Despite their miniature stature, these tiny homes are indeed houses, simply on a smaller scale and typically built on wheels so that they are easy to move to new locations. Likewise, those that don’t have wheels for (pure;y for aesthetic reasons) can still be moved across the country on a flatbed and situated on a piece of property quite readily. The square footage of the homes ranges from 80-1,000. The smaller then house, the easier it is to haul behind a regular size truck.

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The cost of these type of homes is very affordable. They range from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the square footage as well as the amenities inside the house. These are ideal for seniors. They are incredibly cozy, maintenance is low, and other options include voice commands as well as emergency systems to accommodate their needs.

Although accessible, these homes do have one obstacle to overcome. Zoning laws in some states do consider tiny houses not to be suitable for permanent housing because the square footage is too small.

Watch this video to see why Adele Smith retired and downsized into a tiny home with a huge patio and hot tub. 

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She Retired Into a Tiny House With Her Dog (and a Hot Tub) for Her Senior Years