This Video Will Prove To You That Love Is More Powerful Than Any Other Emotion!

Whenever I’m feeling down and love to go onto the Internet find unlikely friendship videos. When I see a giraffe and a dog, or a sheep and a rhinoceros, crossing the divide between the species and loving each other as friends it always makes me feel that love is more powerful than the instinctual drives that we are born with.

I think this video shows that more spectacularly than any other unlikely friendship video I’ve seen. A goat, named Mr G, and his friend a donkey, named Jellybean, were rescued together from a terrible situation.

Because they were different species, they were separated and sent to different rescue centers. But before long it was noticed that Mr G was suffering from depression. 6 days after he was rescued he would do nothing but lie in the corner of this stall. He refused to eat and he didn’t want to go outside. But when the volunteers drove for 14 hours to go and get Jellybean and reunite them together.

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