Film Shows You How To Grow Your Own “Victory Garden”

This vintage feature from PBS’s “Growing A Greener World” shows you everything that you need to know to grow Shawna Coronado’s lush green victory garden in your front lawn. Host Joe Lamp’l is a seasoned grower who has all the insight necessary to grow enough vegetables to make a difference to your household or community, changing the way that you live and eat.

With just a little planning and intelligent utilization of your front lawn, you can grow almost everything that you need to live off your own land. The layout looks wonderful, with a vegetable garden doubling as an attractive, practical introduction to your home. What could be better, or tastier, than picking your own produce fresh?

Shawna Coronado’s sustainable front lawn Victor Garden is a great project for anyone who wants to live healthier. Growing your own vegetables is made easy, allowing you to infuse natural goodness and flavor into your meals on a daily basis. “Growing A Greener World” from PBS has all the inspiration you need to go green for good.

Film Shows You How To Grow Your Own \