Vintage Christmas decorations tour with relaxing music

Peggy and her husband Norm loved collecting holiday collectibles and décor. They have been doing this for almost 30 years now. Unfortunately, vintage Christmas décor turned into collectibles with time. Thus, before you throw any of your grandparent’s collections, ensure they are not worth a fortune.

The Christmas décor video started with Peggy showing the outside view of her house covered with snow. She had handmade the giant snowman to give her house the Christmas feel. Next, the glass window showed the vast Christmas tree made of shiny tinsel decorated with bubble lights. There was something very nostalgic about it that would remind you of your childhood.

Peggy had the Santa bulbs or lamps and several other electronic decorative items. Speaking of door décor, creating an innovative wreath idea always sounded beautiful. No one could say they wouldn’t like it. The homeowner also had some decorative candles and ceramic items on display.

Peggy had her house decorated with vintage Christmas signs. You don’t have to go to antique shops looking for them. These simple things are available at quite a reasonable price. Whether you want small angel idols, elves, or reindeer, the ceramic work could give your house a retro feel.

Items of white ceramic work were all over the place, giving the house a vibrant look. The vintage Santa also added to the beauty of the home. Peggy’s home really brought back childhood memories. The fireplace was also decorated with unique ceramic colorful toys and a vintage garland which made the home more welcoming and warmer.

Peggy’s whole house was a piece of art and showed how devoted she was to decorate it. Everything had a festive vibe, whether it was the utensils or the mugs for beer. Last but not least, the frosted cake, Christmas cookies, milk glass collections, and Santa cups completed the décor.

She had placed the Christmas wreath on almost every wall, which added to the beauty. Christmas stockings, mistletoe, and Christmas tree decorative toys & stars looked handmade. The two of them had decorated the house beautifully. Everything in Peggy’s vintage home was enchanting and brought back beautiful memories of Christmas.

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Vintage Christmas decorations tour with relaxing music