This Vintage Commercial For Brylcreem Is Going To Make You Laugh! Do You Remember It? LOL!

This old world we live in has changed with time and so have the advertisements. If you have had the opportunity to see any of the commercials from ‘back in the day’, we’re sure you must have noticed how different they used to be.

We’ve got a brilliant example for you here with this vintage video from swinging 1965! They sure don’t make men’s hair like they used to!

Everyone who grew up during the 60s surely remembers this product? In fact it’s back ‘in vogue’ today with what we might refer to as a slightly different image! But it used to be a famous must-have hair cream that could be found in the bathrooms of every house.

It seems from this evidence that their advertisements were must-see products as well! Incredibly, according to this specific ad, if a man uses Brylcreem, his chances of getting “attacked” by ladies rises significantly.

Oooh… and their slogan?

“A little dab’ll do ya!” This actually reminds us of “Old Spice” commercials in the seventies for some reason. Can you enlighten us?

Anyway, the lady with the pepped-up ‘Silvikrinned’ hair has her moment of excitement too. No reason for anyone to be dishevelled and left on the shelf in the sixties it seems! Bet there weren’t many pots of Brylcreem left on the shelves either, if men believed what they saw!

Watch this funny advertisement below! Do you remember actually remember it from the time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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