Vintage Footage of 1951 Double Decker Camper Trailer Shows Off Stylish Interior

Just like everything else, vehicles can change dramatically from one decade to another. Who knew that we’d have self-driving cars by now? While it can’t drive itself, the 1951 camper van is a spectacle of its own.

Campers and RVs from the 1950s were made with unique and exciting designs that were packed full of intricate details. When most people think of a camper, it likely springs memories of summer vacation, swimming, and incredible memories with loved ones.

One of the main things that make this vintage camper stand out is that it had two levels. With a relaxing sundeck, fully functioning kitchen, spacious shower, and bedroom, there’s no reason not to want to jump into one of these and head to the lake.

The narrator describing the classic vehicle talks about it as if it’s a place where someone could permanently reside. That may have seemed like a wild notion back in the 50s, but with the rise of tiny homes today, it’s not too far fetched.